Popular teacher here falls victim to staff-cutting

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Nervous, tearful students who were still hoping against hope to save the job of a teacher they love appeared Tuesday night before Western Hills High School's council.

Sara Medley, who graduated from Western Hills last year but has stayed involved with the school's learning center and Future Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), told council members some of the students she knew in FCCLA were concerned about losing opportunities because April Roberts, a five-year teacher, has been terminated.

Four years ago, Roberts started the Learning Center at Western Hills which provides daycare and preschool services for 10 teachers or other staff who work in the Franklin County School District. Roberts said she started the program and ran it because she saw a need for it. She received no extra pay for running the center in addition to her teaching duties in the Family and Consumer Science department and acting as adviser for students in FCCLA.

"She puts out so much extra," said Ashley Snelling, a sophomore at Western Hills. "She does so much she doesn't have to do and she really cares about the students."

Snelling didn't speak at the council meeting but her tears did not go unnoticed.

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