In enemy territory

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Sonny Landham, independent candidate for governor, acted as an advocate Wednesday afternoon for a mother accused of failing to pay child support in Franklin County Family Court.

"Anytime government and courts start getting involved in family matters, it's a vote for Sonny," Landham said. "It's all about the money. Family Court is an inefficient representation of the people. They don't care about the men, women and children. They care about the dollar. That's what's wrong with government and Kentucky."

In addition to being a gubernatorial candidate, Landham Is a retired actor who has appeared in such movies as "Predator" and "48 Hours" and is also a paralegal. Landham said he came to Frankfort to appear in Family Court on behalf of Kelly Castanis House who was cited in contempt of court for failing to pay child support.

House said her custody dispute revolved around her deciding to move to St. Louis with her two daughters and new husband. Instead, she said Family Court Judge Reed Rhorer ruled that custody of the two girls should go to their fathers in Franklin County. House said she was forced to move back to Franklin County for the ensuing custody dispute and in addition, ended up on sick leave from her job with United Airlines and separated from her husband in St. Louis.

Unable to pay child support, House was cited for contempt of court. Landham, a scathing opponent of the family court system, said he volunteered to act as an advocate for House in Wednesday's hearing.

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