Republicans say they're unified against Chandler

By CHARLES PEARL State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ernie Fletcher came to Frankfort Saturday with plenty of influential Republican supporters. Just a few blocks from the Capitol, Fletcher gathered with other GOP candidates under a tent at party headquarters to rally support for the fall election.

"It's a day of unity," said Lexington's Fletcher, a current U.S. congressman, before the rally.

On a breezy, cloudy day, with intermittent mists of rain, Fletcher said, "You can feel the wind blowing, and if you've noticed, it's changed. It's blowing in the direction of new leadership here in Frankfort. It's blowing from the desire of folks all across the state. People are ready. They are really ready for us to end the days of the good ol' boy political system.

"It's a worn out system. Decades of any single party control is not healthy. We have high poverty rates. Our education levels are not as high as they could be. We have health-care problems, and hospitals closing their doors to expectant mothers. All those things cry out for new leadership."

With a sex scandal that has plagued outgoing Democratic Gov. Paul Patton, Republicans view the governor's mansion as the ripest it's been for the taking in decades. Republicans have not won the office since 1967.

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