Nothing to do here?

By BESS HINSON State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Frankfort teens are bored less than one week after the school year ended and they don't believe it's their fault.

While some participate in day camps, others watch TV and have no other plans for their summer vacation. These youngsters aged 13 to 15 can't drive or easily find work. They're asking they asking, "What can we do?"

Colby Cowherd, 14, and Joseph Palmer, 13, wrote letters to The State Journal as part of a class assignment at Second Street School. Cowherd and Palmer argue they need somewhere to ride their trick bikes without security complaints. Trick bikes often use skate park facilities, Cowherd said.

However, the Frankfort Skate Park is not for all extreme sports, said Jim Hillman, administrator of the skate park grant.

"(The Frankfort Skate Park) is a very modest park," Hillman said. "Bikes reduce the number of people who can safely skate on the park from 40 to 25."

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