State library increasing security

By MELISSA ARNOLD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) has been implementing new security procedures since fall of 2002, but when they'll be finished is uncertain.

The increased security is a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The building, designed and constructed for libraries and archives, was completed in 1981. It's owned and managed by the Finance and Administration Cabinet's Department for Facilities Management, which handles all state government properties.

Christie Robinson, KDLA's director of administrative services, said one of the new security measures is a glass enclosure in the front lobby. It is for all visitors entering the building. But it's not yet in use.

"It seemed safer if everyone came in one entrance," she said. "We went into a more secure mode after Sept. 11."

In order for all visitors to enter the front, there has to be more parking because currently there is only a handful of spaces, she said.

"The vast majority of parking is in the back of the building," Robinson said. "The front of the building has limited spots for visitors, so many park in the back and enter in the back, so if all have to come in the front then we need more parking."

Plans are in place for a parking lot to be paved on the right side of the building, she said.

"We just can't force people to come in the front without having more parking available, because it would be a long walk and it's on an incline so it could be hazardous," she said. "So, right now people are still allowed to enter in the back of the building where there is a receptionist."

Currently, there is a security guard in the lobby to monitor entrances and exits, Robinson said.

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