KSU, church join forces for students

By MICHELLE PERRY State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Kentucky State University has teamed with the 2nd District Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church to increase enrollment and retain African-American students.

William Turner, KSU's interim president, announced the partnership Thursday at a campus press conference with Bishop E. Lynn Brown of CME.

"I believe the most natural place for us to find students is in churches," said Turner. "My position is that there's a natural bond here."

Turner says the effort parallels national programs, particularly the Bush Administration's faith-based initiatives and the "No Child Left Behind" goal, and that it does not violate the separation of church and state.

"Everything that is now a black college was started through a black church," said Turner. "I just thank God for this opportunity."

The 2nd district of CME is based in Cincinnati and includes more than 200 churches in Kentucky, Ohio and southern Indiana. The group conducted its leadership training school at KSU this week for the fifth year and will return in 2004.

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