New way to neuter

By BESS HINSON State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Neutersol, the first neutering drug for dogs, gained FDA approval last spring. This non-surgical option for male dog sterilization is now available in Frankfort veterinary clinics.

Male dogs ages 3 to 10 months old can receive the injectable sterilant. Neutersol produces permanent, irreversible sterility. It is an alternative to surgical castration. Some veterinarians warn it is not yet known whether Neutersol prevents testicular cancer or stops behaviors such as mounting and aggression.

Surgical castration requires blood work, anesthesia and the removal of sutures after healing, but Neutersol sterilization is an outpatient procedure.

Dr. Denis King of Frankfort Animal Clinic said the Neutersol solution is injected into the dog's testes with a syringe similar to an insulin needle. The procedure takes three minutes, he said.

King said some dogs need sedation because they are fractious. The dogs which King has injected do not appear to suffer pain, he said.

"There is not enough fluid injected to cause much pressure, so there is not much pain," said Dr. David Massie at Town and Country Veterinary Services.

Dr. Clint Bevins of Animal Medical Center said he does not use the product because it does not offer the same medical benefits as surgical castration.

"The injection decreases testosterone levels to about 50 percent. But does that eliminate bad behavior? That's questionable," Bevins said. "We don't know."

Dr. Jonathan Mangin of Frankfort Veterinary Clinic said the main benefit of this procedure is the dog can no longer breed.

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