Leave firework to the pros, local officials urge

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

At least one little girl will burn her foot when she steps barefoot on a used sparkler someone carelessly tossed onto the ground. At least one teen-age boy will loose a finger because he was playing with firecrackers in an inappropriate manner.

And at least one person will be injured from fireworks illegally imported from Tennessee or Indiana.

Same story, different year.

Despite warnings from law enforcement and health care officials, there were 91 fireworks-related accidents last year according to the state fire marshal's office.

"Statistics don't lie," said Lt. Dan Shouse, public information officer with Frankfort Fire and Emergency Medical Services. "Nearly half the victims are under 15 years old and mostly males. Illegal fireworks present substantial risks that can result in blindness, amputation, severe burns and even death."

Shouse said nationally, about 8,300 people are treated each year in hospital emergency rooms because of fireworks injuries.

Shouse recommended avoiding home fireworks and attending a professional fireworks display the July 4th such as Riverfest in downtown Frankfort.

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