Next hard rain may show if sewer overflow is fixed

By MICHELLE PERRY State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Dr. Vicki Hayes gets a sick feeling in her stomach every time there's a significant rain because she can look in her backyard and see "raw sewage" gushing from a city manhole and into the Kentucky River.

"Every time I see it gushing out of there, it makes me sick to my stomach," said Hayes, a local clinical psychologist.

She says the sanitary material and water "flow in a circular pattern" from the rim of the manhole. Of the items that get left behind in Hayes' yard, she noted dried toilet paper, diapers and wrappers from used feminine products.

"There have been times when I could smell an odor too," she said.

But as the water and sewage gush from the manhole, Hayes says she has problems more important than being disgusted.

"It's destroying my property," she said. "My land is just disappearing."

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