Historic photos sought

By PHILIP CASE State Journal Staff Writer Published:

One session down and two to go.

If you have historic photos of events, places and/or people in Frankfort or Franklin County, representatives of Historic Frankfort Inc., would like to see you and your pictures on Saturday, July 19, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Poor Richard's Books on Broadway.

"We had a great turnout for our first collecting session in June," said John Gray, one of the organizers. "And we're hoping more people will come with pictures for this one and the final one Aug. 16."

Russ Hatter, who's also involved in the project which will result in the publication of a book of Frankfort photos, said some 131 pictures were brought in, electronically copied and returned to their owners.

"There were some who only brought one picture," he said, "and one lady who brought 82 ... some of her own and some from her father's collection."

Utilizing the miracle of modern computers and the skill of Frankfort dentist and renowned photographer Gene Burch, the pictures were "scanned" right then.

"Gene is a real artist at this," said Gray. "He can enhance the pictures and make the copies better than the originals by taking out creases, smudges, lightening them up ... things like that."

Modern scanning programs, too, allow the pictures to be returned to their owners immediately.

"And that, we believe, encourages people to bring them in," Gray said. "Many of these photos - if not all - are precious to them and they don't want to leave them with anyone else. Before the scanner we had to take the picture, copy it, make a negative, and then return the picture."

Pictures collected at the June session range in date from the 1880s to the 1960s. There are a lot of the standards like of the 1937 flood, old Frankfort sites, and riverboats, but there are some new ones, too.

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