Biker on fund ride to help the battle against cancer

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Stephen Sroka pedals about 50 miles a day on his bicycle in his trek across America to raise money for the war on cancer.

He spent Sunday night with Harrodsburg Rotary Club President H.M. Snodgrass and his wife Suzanne, who live in Frankfort.

Sroka, 21, pulls a trailer behind him that weighs in excess of 100 pounds. There is no car that follows behind him to make sure he has what he needs.

"I'm fully self-contained," Sroka said. "I'm by myself."

Sroka's trailer contains everything from a tent to a laptop computer and business cards.

Sroka said he got the idea to make the cross-country bike trip because a good friend's brother died from testicular cancer at the age of 22. Sroka said he was close to his friend Matthew and his family, so he felt their loss.

"When he lost his brother, they checked out the family and Matthew, who was the youngest, had Hodgkin's Disease," Sroka said. "He went into treatment and survived, was later diagnosed with testicular cancer, and survived that, too."

Still Sroka said he felt frustrated that all he could do was offer his sympathy to the family.

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