The board game

By MICHELLE PERRY State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Kittens: free to a good home. Boat for sale - in good condition. Pest problem? Call us for relief.

Messages like these can still be found on bulletin boards throughout Frankfort at businesses, churches and state office buildings, despite the range of communications available today with the World Wide Web.

"Most everybody that comes in here looks at (the board)," said Debbie Seltsam, owner of Mom's Laundry. "Quite a few people read it because it's right by our change machine."

Seltsam says the board holds flyers for yard sales, lost pets, small businesses and the Health Department. It's something she does "for the neighborhood and local businesses," and it's something she's been doing for the past 16 years.

Bulletin boards have been in use at Kentucky State University for several years as well, according to Ron Banks, associate director I of counseling, placement and career services.

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