Capital Seats - Minds Wide Open


Bench Name: Minds Wide Open art centerDesigners: This is a group project by the artists and staff at Minds Wide Open art center (an art center for adults with developmental disabilities); Minds Wide Open is proud to be the exclusive voice of artists with disibilities for this project

Sponsor: American Founders Bank

Location: American Founders Bank, 203 Limestone Drive

Designers' comments: Some of the artists had the following to say about the project:

"I put flowers on the bench because I like to draw them. The bench was cool and I liked it." -Adrianne

"I guess I put a couple of people on the bench because I wanted to. I put them on there because I thought they'd look good and they did." -Roy

"The bench project was cool. I enjoyed putting my little sunset scene on there. It was the first time I used paint other than watercolor." -Nate

"I painted my name and a woman on the bench. Painting a woman was neat because she had a lot of color. I liked the bench when it was finished." -Chris

"I painted me. And I painted my name. It was fun to work on." -Erica

"I painted flowers, a whole bunch of flowers on the bench and I painted my name on the bench, too. I like that bench we made. Did Frankfort like it?" -Brenda

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