Capital Seats: Dreamer


Bench Name: Dreamer

Designers: Sallie Clay Lanham and Keri McNutt Grout

Sponsor: Association of the White Light Diner Angels and Dr. Joseph Dobner

Location: Rick's White Light Diner, 114 Bridge St.

Designer's comments: The idea for our bench originated from our work in Graphic Design. We wanted to incorporate text with art by showing that it can be two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional. As many people get inspiration from their dreams, we chose to have a person dreaming of their work.

When researching the project, we decided to use a life-casting technique for the figure of a co-worker. This process begins with constructing a gel mold of the subject then pouring plaster to create the detail of the head and hands. Once completed, they were then sprayed with a faux bronze finish.

The body was then formed and covered with plaster bandages. The text overlaying the shirt details the many forms of art that evoke the dreams for inspiration. Illustrated on the bench is reverse lettering to replicate the wooden type used by printers in the late 1800s.

Overall, the bench demonstrates how graphic design, like all art, begins with an idea. Yet for graphic design, the end result is often expressed in print.

Media is a life casting of Bob Lanham

The State Journal is publishing photos of the Capital Seats public art project. The Capital Seats public art project is a combined effort of Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., and the Capital Area Art Guild, which have partnered to raise funds to renovate the Grand Theatre in downtown Frankfort into a local community arts center. The Capital Seats project also has been planned to promote the enjoyment of art in the community. On Oct. 2, Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., will reprise its highly successful "Grand Taste of Frankfort" event, at which time the benches will be auctioned to the public. Visit The State Journal Web site at and click on the Capital Benches link to see other benches in the project.

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