Capital seats Framed Transparency


Bench Name: Framed Transparency

Designer: Matthew Storrie

Sponsor: Investors Heritage Life Insurance

Location: Frankfort Country Club (inside)

Designer's comments: Differences in the public are inherent, and in such an individualistic society, we compete for attention from peers. Our similarities, however, are inevitable; the very societal rules we follow in competition, after all, bind us into one nation, culture and family. This dichotomy in our communities is often ignored by individuals in their daily interactions.

What happens when a stranger sits next to another in a public space? Do they inquire about each others' day? Do they even mention their differences? What if these two observe that they are both dressed similarly? Do they speak of this? Oftentimes, no - they merely ask for the time and walk away, ignoring the potential, and much more interesting communication that could have occurred.

This bench explores this oxymoronic nature of humans. On one side, a person can sit - well framed and centered. There is a shift in this frame on the other side, however. Anyone sitting in this area is not centered - out of the box and transparent in relation to the centered person. Both individuals, however, sit at the same height, giving them equality. Which one feels most comfortable in their position? Each person would have his or her own response, therefore celebrating the wonderful nature of humans.

The State Journal is publishing photos of the Capital Seats public art project. The Capital Seats public art project is a combined effort of Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., and the Capital Area Art Guild Inc., which have partnered to raise funds to renovate the Grand Theatre in downtown Frankfort into a local community arts center. The Capital Seats project also has been planned to promote the enjoyment of art in the community. On Oct. 9, Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., will reprise its highly successful "Grand Taste of Frankfort" event, at which time the benches will be auctioned to the public. Visit The State Journal Web site at and click on the Capital Benches link to see other benches in the project.

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