$18 million in school fixup eyed

By MELISSA ARNOLD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

The Franklin County Board of Education agreed Monday night to seek state approval for some $18 million in local school renovation projects.

The board is submitting forms which tell the state what is going to be done in the projects, so the Department of Education can determine the work meets all of the guidelines, Communications Coordinator Wayne Dominick said.

Elkhorn Middle School, Western Hills High School, Hearn Elementary and Bondurant Middle School will undergo renovations with additions to all except Hearn. Also, athletic facility upgrades will occur at Franklin County and Western Hills.

Superintendent Monte Chance said these took first priority because of the condition these schools are in.

"They are most in need of renovations," he said. "We have spent a lot of time discussing this. Right now these plans are just for budget purposes. We haven't gone down that road yet for specific designs for each school. We need to spend several weeks working on the designs."

The work at the four schools will cost $16,942,997, and the money for this will come from a bond sale, except for Elkhorn Middle which will get $1 million in new revenue to go toward their cost in addition to the money from the bond sale. The cost for the athletic facility upgrades will be $1,077,445, and this money will come from the general fund.

The buildings taking second priority, to be looked at after these projects are completed ,are Elkhorn Elementary, Franklin County High School, Franklin County Board Office, the Career and Technical Center and the Thorn Hill Learning Center.

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