May says he called police before arrest

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Herman May said he made the E911 call Monday that led to his most recent arrest on a fourth-degree assault charge.

May, whose case received state and national publicity last year after he was freed from prison on the basis of DNA evidence in a rape case, was arrested Monday on domestic violence charges.

May was charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly shoving his girlfriend down and jumping on top of her seemingly striking her, according to a Frankfort Police report.

According to E911 log reports, the emergency call came in at 8:28 p.m. Monday.

Daryl Hensley, E911 director, said it's obvious by listening to the tape that May and a female are arguing.

"There's no evidence that it was physical," Hensley said.

May did not speak directly to the dispatcher, Hensley said. Police responded to the scene as an "open-line" call.

Frankfort Police Officer Paul Wise reported that when he arrived at May's residence at 34 Ensign, he stood on the porch for a few moments and heard a female screaming. When Wise entered the residence, his report said he saw May push his 23-year-old girlfriend onto the couch and jump on top of her as though he was going to strike her.

May said the entire incident was based on a "big misunderstanding."

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