Four Seasons


Designer: Toni Holland

Sponsor: Pat Badgett - Century 21 Simpson Associates

Location: Century 21 Simpson Associates, 1105 Louisville Road

Designer's comments: I don't really know how I thought up the design. I know I like things that are organized or that show change. When I was younger, I could never pick my favorite season. Winter, with all the sparkling white snow. Fall, with the beautifully colored leaves. Spring, with great blooms and blossoms. Summer, the time to really have fun in the sun. Now, my favorite season would probably be summer so I can hang out with my friends. But why not have all four seasons? I love nature and the changes of the world around me.

(Toni is a sixth grade student at Elkhorn Middle School. She worked on the bench as a fifth grader at Hearn Elementary School last spring.)

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