Local couple goes to Russia to adopt baby

By MELODI CORNETT State Journal Staff Writer Published:

On Aug. 5, Michelle and David Quire, along with their new baby, were met at the Cincinnati airport by three grandparents, anxious to meet their grandson for the first time.

John Coleman Quire, born in Russia, arrived in Kentucky at the tender age of 6 months. The son that the Quires had looked forward to for so long was finally a part of their family.

This child whose life started so precariously in a Russian orphanage for unwanted babies was now a much-loved addition to an American family.

To the outside observer, the Quires had it all. They were young, successful, attractive and well-liked. They had been married nine years and had built a beautiful home. They both had good jobs they enjoyed, and they had terrific family and friends. They had an exciting hobby, riding motorcycles. They had a well-loved dog that had been part of their family for nearly 10 years.

The one thing that was missing, the one elusive piece that they longed for, was a child to share their life with. A son.

Finally, the Quires began to consider adoption.

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