Building rules are reviewed

By CHARLES PEARL State Journal Staff Writer Published:

The only person to speak at a Frankfort/Franklin County Planning Commission public hearing on proposed new subdivision and site plan regulations Thursday was Wayne Bennett with Context Town Planning of Louisville.

A consultant to the planning commission and one of the primary authors of the draft regulations, Bennett spent more than two hours reviewing the proposal with the planning commission and pointing out major changes.

The new proposal includes:

The separation of subdivision and site design standards into urban, suburban and rural categories. The major differences within the three categories are regulations proposed for dealing with open space, water systems and sewer lines.

For example, proposed urban subdivision regulations call for developers to retain 4 percent of a site for green space to be used by residents of the subdivision. The suburban regulations increase the amount of green space to 8 percent. There is no green space provision for rural subdivisions.

The addition of standards to ensure that adequate public facilities and services are available to serve proposed development.

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