Capital Seats: "Piano Bench"


Designer: Cyndi Patrick

Sponsor: Employees at the Department of Insurance. The "Bench Bunch"

Location: Sidewalk in front of Department of Insurance, 215 W. Main St.

Designer's comments: Several of my co-workers were looking for a bench to sponsor. I was preparing to send in my bench design for consideration. I didn't know about them and they didn't know about me ... until an e-mail went out and we got together. They thought it would be great to sponsor a bench made by someone from our own department.

I wanted to make a bench that looked like the piano that my grandmother bought me when I was a little girl. On the front of the bench are the piano keys, music, music holder and the "brand" name. The music is "My Old Kentucky Home" by Stephen Collins Foster. The back of the bench depicts a little girl in pigtails getting her first piano lesson from her music teacher. I have been drawing since I was a child, sketching the comics from the newspaper. In my daily job I use a computer and digital camera to work with photos, etc., but I really enjoyed working on this type of physical project again.

I had tremendous support from all my co-workers on this project, but a special thank you goes out to Gene.

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