Restaurants see need for beer sales on Sunday

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Some Frankfort area restaurant and business owners believe the City Commission shouldn't leave restaurants out of the picture when allowing Sunday beer sales.

Commissioners agreed at Monday night's work session they would favor allowing Sunday beer sales for private charitable clubs such as the American Legion, VFW and the Elks Club but only two commissioners said they'd be willing to consider allowing restaurants the same privilege.

"It should be across the board," said David Little, bar manager at O'Charley's Restaurant & Lounge. "I don't think anybody should have to be a member of a club to be able to drink a beer on Sunday. The regular person should be able to do the same thing."

Little said a city ordinance that allows only private clubs to sell beer on Sundays "would be segregating a group of people."

"Why would you want someone to have to drive to Lexington or Louisville to drink a beer and watch a football game on Sunday?" he asked. "It would boost our sales and, as long as it was universal for every restaurant, I would anticipate money being spread out among us, Applebee's and Chili's."

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