Local schools join suit to stop cutbacks

By MELISSA ARNOLD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

The impact of a possible $400 to $500 million state budget cut on public education on Frankfort's schools is uncertain, but one thing is certain, it can't be good.

The Council for Better Education plans to file a lawsuit today in Franklin Circuit Court. The group is suing state lawmakers for not setting aside adequate money for Kentucky's public schools.

Monte Chance, superintendent for Franklin County Schools said it would be difficult not to affect the public school system with such a significant amount of money being cut.

He said the Supreme Court decided three things in the 1989 case, Rose vs. the Council for Better Education, which were: public education is the responsibility of the state, it's the state's obligation to an equitable education system across the state so every child has equal access to quality education and it's the state's obligation to have an adequate schooling system.

"This propelled the Kentucky Reform Act of 1990," Chance said. "So, we have been doing KERA for the last 13 years."

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