Bench Name: Transpositions

Designer: Sarah Gillig

Sponsor: Mike and Evelyn Claffy

Location: 410 Wapping St.

Designer's comments: Had quite a time with the silicone gel that I used to adhere the gels - we thought it would dry clear, and it sort of did ... but not enough! So I watched several movies and scraped it off!

The idea for the bench, and the materials, stems from my interest in theatre. I've been both behind the lights and in front of them, and during my stints as a tech person, I generally help to change the gels in the lights at least once. If there are any gels that are burned out and can't be used anymore, I get to take them. I usually use them to make miniature stained glass window sorts of things, and I thought it would be neat to take that to a different level with the bench.

The State Journal is publishing photos of the Capital Seats public art project. The Capital Seats public art project is a combined effort of Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., and the Capital Area Art Guild Inc., which have partnered to raise funds to renovate the Grand Theatre in downtown Frankfort into a local community arts center. The Capital Seats project also has been planned to promote the enjoyment of art in the community. On Oct. 9, Save the Grand Theatre, Inc., will reprise its highly successful "Grand Taste of Frankfort" event, at which time the benches will be auctioned to the public. Visit The State Journal Web site at and click on the Capital Benches link to see other benches in the project.

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