Agencies downplay tower's plumbing problem

By BETH CRACE State Journal Staff Writer Published:

One employee couldn't water her plants.

Number crunchers at the Cabinet for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection moved to another office to finish up payroll.

And people on the ground level of the state parking garage had to slush through a little water to get to their cars.

Overall, spokespeople working in the Capital Plaza tower reported Friday, people in their departments managed just fine while repairs were made to the building's water supply.

"I would say, the biggest inconvenience I had was I had to take off my shoes, roll up my pants and wade to my car," said Terri Bradshaw, spokeswoman for the Economic Development Cabinet.

State workers in the tower were sent home twice last week, due to plumbing problems. Employees were back in the building Friday, where bottled water and hand sanitizer stood in for faucets, which employees were advised not to use.

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