State workers say discipline was unjustified

By MELISSA ARNOLD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Three state employees are appealing the disciplinary actions taken against them for filing false time sheets and misusing the Internet, saying there are discrepancies in the evidence used against them.

The three were part of an overall investigation into the Cabinet for Health Services, Public Health Protection and Safety division, of allegations that several employees were drinking too much at lunch, falsifying time sheets and using the Internet for such items as shopping and gambling.

In all five were disciplined July 30 and three of those are appealing. They are administrative specialists Melissa Brewer, Beverly Stokes and Jennifer Cohorn.

According to the state Personnel Board, a preliminary hearing has been set for the three for 9 a.m. Thursday at 28 Fountain Place. They are talking to attorney Paul Fauri about their case, but haven't officially hired him. Fauri declined to comment last week.

Kim True, an environmental health supervisor and one of the five employees disciplined by the cabinet, couldn't appeal. True waived that right when she was demoted in order to keep the same pay grade.

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