Internet sweeper scam sucks up $1,000

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Cindy Seip was planning to move to a home with hardwood floors and was short on money, so she thought it was a good idea to post her vacuum cleaner for sale on eBay.

A man calling himself Anthony Zickler from the United Kingdom contacted her and said he wanted to buy the sweeper at the listed price of $850. Seip agreed and Zickler said she would be sent a cashier's check by Federal Express for more than the price of the sweeper from a U.S. client of his and asked if she could just subtract the cost of the sweeper and an additional $150 for her trouble from the $8,000 and then wire him the amount left over.

Seip said she thought it sounded a little unusual but, happy to get her full asking price on the sweeper, she agreed. Because she considers herself to be an honest Christian, Seip said her confidence in Zickler was boosted by his references to his own religion and faith.

"I want people to see the best in me so I try to see the best in them," Seip said. "I had no reason to doubt him because he made me believe he was a believer."

However, when a Federal Express truck delivered the cashier's check for $8,000 to her home in South Frankfort, she said she noticed it was sent from the United Kingdom which didn't seem to make sense considering Zickler had told her the check would be coming from a business client in the U.S.

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