Folklife Festival draws 30,000+

By CHARLES PEARL and GAYLE COULTER State Journal S Published:

More than 30,000 people from all walks of life visited the Kentucky Folklife Festival Thursday through Saturday to explore different cultures through art, dance, music and food.

A steady stream of visitors strolled through festival sites at the Old Capitol, River View Park, Broadway and St. Clair Street to sample unique foods such as burgoo and mutton, listen to bluegrass or Latin music and perhaps even learn how to do a Cumbia dance.

Bob Gates, director of the Kentucky Folklife Program in charge of the three-day festival, said he believes this year's event was a resounding success.

"I think it's the best one yet," Gates said. "We've had great crowds with lots of kids and adults."

Attendance was certainly comparable to the last time the festival was held in Frankfort in 2001 when there were an estimated 30,000 visitors, Gates said, and this year, those numbers may well be exceeded. Numbers likely also received a boost from the 10,000-plus children from around the state who visited the festival, Gates said.

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