Detective says meth will make drug problem worse

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

City police detective Brian Willhoite told people at a community presentation Monday night that drugs are a serious problem in Frankfort and the number of dealers and users is only expected to increase when methamphetamine makes its way to the capital city.

Only a handful of people showed up at the Paul Sawyier Library for the presentation on drugs in the community co-sponsored by the Frankfort Police Department and the library. Willhoite and Frankfort Police spokesman and DARE officer Steve Clark also spoke on preventing drug use in children and signs for parents to watch for that might indicate drug use by a child.

"If you catch a drug user, you've caught a burglar, a thief and a shoplifter," Willhoite said. "You've caught someone who drives up at Shell, gets gas and drives off without paying because they need their money to support a drug habit."

Willhoite, A Frankfort native who graduated from Western Hills High School in 1988, said he became a policeman and wanted to work here to help fight the drug problem.

"I care about stopping drug dealers and drug use in Frankfort," Willhoite said. "This is something you have to talk about, yell about, scream about, because it's dangerous."

Drug trafficking and possession are not the "nonviolent" offenses the court system treats them as, Willhoite said, because people who are using crack cocaine will do whatever it takes to find money for their next high.

"They rob you, they steal from you, they beat each other up and in the end, they kill each other over this stuff," Willhoite said. "The actual transaction of selling and using may be nonviolent but the big picture is that it causes violence and crime."

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