Correll is interim 4-H agent

By PHILIP CASE State Journal Columnist Published:

Pam Correll says she hopes the University of Kentucky Extension Service moves quickly to fill the position vacated when Dariel Rexroat retired as 4-H agent Sept. 30. But realistically she knows it may take some time - maybe even a year.

In the meantime Correll, who has been hired as part-time 4-H program assistant for Franklin County, is working to keep the program, which has functioned under Rexroat's leadership for the past three decades, afloat.

"There's a hiring freeze on at UK, I understand," she said last week, sitting in the office most recently occupied by Rexroat. "But they'll (UK) post the position and someone who's interested and is a 4-H agent in another county might apply to make a lateral move."

Correll believes Franklin County is an attractive location and there may be some agent out there looking to get to central Kentucky.

"Until then," she said, "I'm here."

When Rexroat announced his retirement, the 4-H Council and the Extension Board started jumping through all the hoops required by the University to secure a replacement. That process began by finding someone to fill the slot on an interim basis.

Several applied for the 20-hour per week job, and Correll was chosen.

"There's a lot more to do than I can do in 20 hours a week," she said, "but that's what my contract calls for, so I'll try."

Correll, who has four sons and two stepsons, has been involved in the program here for many years. She was also a program assistant in a very active program in Fayette County, Ga. The program there had one agent and two assistants in addition to Correll, so she's something of a veteran.

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