New police cars have new logo

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Consider yourself forewarned: A police car you pass that looks like it might carry a logo from a neighboring city may actually be a new Frankfort Police car.

City police will be adding 10 new cars with a new logo on the side within the next two weeks, according to Maj. Walter Wilhoite. A prototype of the new design was installed earlier this month on Officer Steve Clark's car, and Wilhoite said most of the feedback he's heard about the new design has been positive.

The Frankfort Police Department has a fleet of about 80 vehicles, Wilhoite said, that includes patrol cars, specialty vehicles and investigative vehicles. The new logos will be phased in incrementally, Wilhoite said, and as a result, it will be about four years before the old design is completely phased out.

The old design has been in use since 1993, Wilhoite said, and Chief Ted Evans as well as some of the other officers had expressed a desire to see it change.

Wilhoite said the idea for implementing the new design took action when Lt. Dan McCoy went to a graphics shop for an item for another specialty vehicle and brought back a new design he saw there as a suggestion to upgrade the department's patrol cars.

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