Frankfort man collects only Kentucky postcards

By PHILIP CASE State Journal Columnist Published:

There are postcards - and then there are postcards!

"What I collect," says Frankfort's Ronald Morgan, "is history shown on postcards, not just pictures on cards."

While to the novice the difference may be too subtle to notice, to the expert collector it's like dark and daylight.

Visiting with Morgan at the home he shares with his wife, Michele, on Leawood Drive last week, he showed me some of his more than 9,500 cards in 63 albums. Two of the albums, containing some 470 cards, are devoted to Frankfort and Franklin County, the other albums are reflective of Kentucky history.

"I only collect Kentucky cards and Kentucky scenes," said Morgan, who began his hobby in 1990. "And most all of my cards are pre-1930."

Morgan said he was visiting a friend back in 1990 who showed him a postcard of his hometown, Lancaster, around 1907. That got him interested and he started compiling a collection of his own.

"I buy most of my cards at shows in surrounding states," he said. "There used to be a big one (show) in Kentucky, but there aren't any here now. I go to places like Indianapolis, Columbus, Knoxville and Memphis."

While some collectors just "collect," Morgan says most narrow their focus.

"Some have collections of pets ... like cats and dogs," he said. "Others might concentrate on specialty or gag cards, or maybe railroads or old bridges. There are a lot of cards out there - and an almost equal number of themes."

Morgan talked a bit about the history of postcards.

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