Sunday beer sales limited to clubs

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Beer drinkers who belong to the American Legion, V.F.W. and Elks Club can now indulge on Sundays.

Sunday beer was legalized for members of private clubs in Frankfort following adoption of a new ordinance at Monday night's City Commission meeting.

It legalized the sales for private, non-profit charitable clubs that have been granted appropriate licenses and existed for at least two years. They must have a minimum seating capacity of 100 at tables and a club membership of at least 200.

Commissioners Andrew Layson, Tracey Turner Thurman and Lynn Bowers voted for the ordinance. Commissioner Bob Roach and Mayor Bill May voted against it.

Commissioners Bowers and Layson said they would liked to have seen the ordinance include restaurants but did not hear much interest for that.

Bowers said she received feedback from only one person about expanding the ordinance, so she was willing to support a limited version because "it appears to me citizens don't really care what we do with this."

Layson agreed that he would have liked to see it expanded but didn't see a push in that direction from the Chamber of Commerce or the business community.

Clubs that fall under the ordinance will not be required to pay additional license fees. The ordinance merely expands the time frame they're allowed to sell beer under the licenses they already have, said City Solicitor Jim Higgs.

Ordinances become effective on publication in The State Journal, and City Clerk Shirley Brown said the Sunday malt beverage ordinance has already been submitted for publication for Friday.

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