New signs tout seat belt use



State Journal Staff Writer

Kentucky's average for people who wear seat belts is 65.5 percent and the national average is 79 percent - but students at two local high school are below both averages.

According to a survey conducted by Driver Safety/Drive Smart Kentucky only 47 percent of Western Hills students and 48 percent of Franklin County students wear their seat belts.

To get more students to buckle up, Driver Safety/Drive Smart Kentucky Director Jeff Bibb and some of his staff visited the high schools Wednesday to install signs at the parking lot exits reminding students to wear their seat belts.

Wearing a seat belt isn't only a safety device, it's the law. Not wearing a seat belt is a secondary violation with a fine up to $25.

Bibb said after being stunned by the low number of students who wore their seat belts, the division decided to implement the Drive Smart Program at FCHS and WHHS. This is a statewide program and Driver Safety/Drive Smart Kentucky is a division within the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

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