Relief fund has $7,800 for flood victims

By ANDREW TANGEL State Journal Staff Writer Published:

The relief fund set up in the wake of the Bald Knob disaster may only be a pittance.

The Franklin County Disaster Relief Fund, a non-profit organization of church and charity groups, will dole out the approximately $7,800 donated to repair property damaged by a swollen Stoney Creek after the fund's governing committee meets Oct. 29, said committee member Rick Pogrotsky.

About a dozen have applied for the money totaling no where close to the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to rebuild houses and farms, said Pogrotsky, who's also executive director of Franklin County's United Way.

"It's $8,000," Pogrotsky said. "You're not going to be able to meet everyone's needs."

For some, the delay in disbursing the modest contributions has stoked feelings that Bald Knob's being neglected. There's been two unsuccessful pleas for aid to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and even a grassroots appeal to President Bush.

"It's just not a time to be holding onto money," said Bald Knob resident Leslie Bishop.

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