Neighbors want court to nullify BFI vote

By CHARLES PEARL State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Neighbors of the Browning-Ferris Industries still have hopes of stopping expansion of the BFI landfill.

The Huntington Woods Neighborhood Association Inc. is asking Franklin Circuit Court to nullify a recent Franklin Fiscal Court decision to approve a zone change that will allow the landfill expansion.

In the appeal, the neighborhood group wants the circuit court to uphold the Frankfort/Franklin County Planning Commission's recommendation denying BFI's zone change request.

On June 26, the planning commission voted 6-2 against recommending expansion of the BFI landfill. BFI then appealed to Franklin Fiscal Court. Then on Sept. 18, Fiscal Court voted 4-3 to overrule the planning commission's recommendation and approve the zone change allowing the expansion.

The waste company applied for the zone change for property north of the county's existing landfill and closer to the Huntington Woods neighborhood.

Fiscal Court approved rezoning 211.25 acres from "RR" (Rural Residential) and "CH" (Highway Commercial) to "EZ-L" (exclusive use zone for landfills). The expanded landfill will border I-64 to the north, and Ky. 151 and Benson Creek to the east.

In the appeal, Huntington Woods Neighborhood Association (HWNA) says the planning commission conducted a full hearing May 8 regarding the BFI zone change application, "with testimony taken from all interested parties."

Then on June 26, the planning commission voted to deny the zone change to BFI "on the basis the zone map amendment was not consistent with the Frankfort/Franklin County Comprehensive Plan and met none of the other requirements (in state law)," HWNA's appeal claims.

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