Authorities seek owner of dog nearly choked by tiny collar

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Local Humane Society officials want to know who is responsible for the condition of a dog found Thursday morning in severe pain because of extreme neglect.

Sally Brown, shelter manager of the Frankfort/Franklin County Humane Society, said neighbors in the Green Wilson Road area had reported seeing the dog - and smelling its rotting flesh - as it passed through their yards.

Brown said the male dog they've named "Hunter," who appears to be a year or year and a half old basset hound and German Shepherd mix, was suffering from an imbedded collar. His neck measured 17 1/2 inches and his collar was 15 inches in length -fastened at the 11-inch hole.

Brown said she and Regina Mitchell, kennel manager for the Humane Society, had to chase Hunter from Green Wilson Road, through several farms - about five or six miles - in order to tranquilize him and catch him in the Farmdale area.

She said they decided to call him Hunter because he was so difficult to capture.

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