Ragland's dad says pardon last hope

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Jerry Ragland said he hopes his appeal to Gov. Paul Patton to pardon his son Shane Ragland for his murder conviction won't be hindered by the media attention it receives.

Shane Ragland, the Frankfort man who was convicted last year in the sniper slaying of University of Kentucky football player Trent DiGiuro, is among about 1,000 people applying for pardons or commutations from Gov. Paul Patton.

Ragland is serving 30 years DiGiuro's murder. Ragland was convicted nearly eight years after DiGiuro was shot with a rifle at long range in 1994. Aimee Lloyd, a former girlfriend, testified that Ragland had told her about the shooting while they were dating.

The pardon application submitted by Ragland's defense attorney Guthrie True includes letters from friends and relatives, most of whom cited heavy news coverage of his trial in Fayette County.

True asked Patton to consider commuting Ragland's 30-year sentence to a shorter term if he decides a pardon would be "inappropriate."

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