Kati Penn to release first vocal CD

By MARY BRANHAM State Journal News Editor Published:

Kati Penn was 5-years-old when she started playing the fiddle.

She was very good, her mother, Judy Penn says, but soon decided she didn't want to do it anymore.

The same thing happened when she wanted to play the piano.

So at age 10, when Kati again wanted to pick up the fiddle, her mother said no.

That made her want to do it all the more. This time, she didn't quit.

Kati Penn signed her first recording contract and performed on national television at age 12. She's played with the New Coon Creek Girls and Young Acoustic All-Stars. Her fiddle playing has been compared to Allison Krauss, a country music fiddle star.

Now, at age 21, Kati Penn is releasing her first solo CD at a party Tuesday night at the Phoenix Ballroom in Lexington.

"It's definitely the acoustic side of country," Penn says of her CD, "Crazy or Not."

"I wanted to be able to put my views on what kind of music I like," she said. "I wanted to try to put all the different types of music I like together into one project, which is what I tried to do with this."

She pulled together the influences from different types of music for this CD.

"I've been saying that this CD is kind of a storybook of my life for the couple of years I was working on it," said Penn. "I actually picked the songs that had to do with me."

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