Fletcher sees higher pay as more efficient

State Journal Staff Report Published:

Giving cabinet members a 17 percent pay increase could be a public relations nightmare for new Gov. Ernie Fletcher among one of government most significant constituents - state workers.

Charles Wells, executive director the Kentucky Association of State Employees, wasn't pleased to hear the cabinet salaries are going up.

"We're disappointed that one of the first actions of the new governor takes is the increase the salaries of his cabinet secretaries," said Wells. "... The last thing he needs to do is give cabinet secretaries an salary increase of 17 percent."

Most members of Gov. Ernie Fletcher's cabinet, administrators who will head state government agencies, will be making $125,000 per year, the administration said Thursday.

According to Wells, the hefty salaries for a administrators could result in an ebb in morale among state employees. In the past two years, state workers have received only cost-of-living salary adjustments, while state health insurance has skyrocketed.

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