Holiday greeting logs miles, memories

By MICHELLE PERRY State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Even after 46 years, some friendships and traditions live on, like one shared between Patsy Faulconer and Doris Arnold.

The women have been passing the same Christmas card back and forth for many years, and it's become a part of their annual celebration.

"We have had a blast," Faulconer said, "and actually it's become the highlight of Christmas anymore."

The women have been friends for many years. Faulconer married in 1957, and Arnold was her maid of honor. Arnold was selling Christmas cards that year and invited Faulconer to join her.

"This was the ugliest card we'd ever seen," Faulconer said of the picture of three carolers surrounding a lamppost. "We agreed that we would never send that card to anybody."

But Faulconer did. She sent it to Arnold as a joke. The joke was on her when Arnold returned the card the following year. Now the two take turns sending the card to one another every holiday season.

"Every year we laugh like it's the first time we've seen it," Faulconer said.

Every year, the women also try to outdo one another in their presentation of the card. Once, Faulconer had a summons hand-delivered to Arnold with the card inside. Another year she made Arnold a T-shirt with the card's image printed on the front.

Arnold had Faulconer open a package with the card inside in front of the Providence Baptist congregation one Christmas. Another year, she made the card's image into a mouse pad and hung it with a wreath on Faulconer's door.

Once, Arnold ordered a cake with the image of the carolers on top, and had Faulconer pick it up from the bakery, thinking she had won a contest. Instead of eating it, Faulconer froze the cake and gave it back to Arnold the following year.

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