Land donations will help Habitat to meet goals

By MICHELLE PERRY State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County recently received two land grants, and they came at the "perfect time," according to Executive Director Lynn Bowers.

Ann Disney and Lela Harrod each made contributions of land in Frankfort this summer, just when Habitat needed it most.

"At the very time we were thinking we didn't have land, God sent us land through Mrs. Disney and Mrs. Harrod," Bowers said. "They were the perfect gifts at the perfect time."

Disney, along with her husband James, donated land adjacent to the corner of McCreary and Clifton Avenue, near Fort Hill. It measures 300 by 90 feet and has been in Ann's family since the late 1800s.

The Disneys did not have a purpose for the land and were thinking of the best use for it.

"I know there are people out there who would never have a home without Habitat," Disney said. "People who wouldn't otherwise have a home now can."

Lela Harrod donated a lot on Winding Way, something she said she's been meaning to do for 20 years.

"It's been something I've been aiming to do for sometime because Habitat is such a wonderful organization," Harrod said. "Everybody has a special place they give to. This is mine."

These donations gave Bowers high expectations for building this summer.

"Our goal for 2004 is to do at least two, maybe three, houses," Bowers said. "We've never done that many."

Between two and four houses may be built on the Disney land, and Bowers calls the lot, "an ideal time and ideal place to do two houses at the same time," which the Franklin County affiliate has never attempted before.

The land donated by Harrod will provide a home for one family.

"It's a pretty spacious lot," Bowers said, "so it can have a nice yard."

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