State turnover hot amid freeze

By BETH CRACE State Journal Staff Writer Published:

While scores have left the payroll since Gov. Ernie Fletcher imposed a hiring freeze on all state job openings, many others have joined the state workforce.

The move was intended to trim government spending and streamline costs. But It hasn't become impossible to get a job with the state.

In actuality, the hiring freeze, enacted Dec. 9 for some 4,000 vacant positions in state government, can be lifted if an agency can justify its needs.

"It forces the agencies to engage in self-analysis," said Dan Egbers, general counsel for the state Personnel Cabinet.

Now state agencies wishing to fill employment vacancies must explain whom they want to hire and why. Egbers said the process allows agencies to take a look at how they're spending money, and what positions are really necessary in light of state budget constraints.

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