KSU candidate promises energy, passion, honesty

By MELISSA ARNOLD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

One Kentucky State University student at Wednesday's student forum asked presidential candidate Dr. Dorsey L. Kendrick, "If you get elected president will you steal our money?"

Kendrick said she is not that type of person and besides, as president, she said she wouldn't see any money since everything is done through budgets.

"My philosophy is every night I look in the mirror and I have to like what I see and I do," she said. "I can sleep at night."

Kendrick has "fire in her belly" and she believes she has the energy and passion to be KSU's next president.

Kendrick, who has been president of Gateway Community College in New Haven, Conn. since 1999, described herself as a pioneer, a woman of integrity, honest, very straightforward - what you see it what you get - a strong advocate for students and, if she gives her word she keeps it.

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