Loaded answer

By MELISSA ARNOLD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

A Kentucky State University student asked Dr. Mary Evans Sias, KSU presidential candidate, if she would have wanted her child to attend KSU if not already enrolled at another university. Sias answered "no."

Sias, senior vice-president for student affairs and external relations for the University of Texas in Dallas, told students during the student forum Wednesday night that in KSU's present state she wouldn't want her daughter at KSU.

"We'd have to make improvements first," she said. "I would want more science programs."

Sias' comment has caused concern among many in the KSU community. One staff member said, "If we aren't good enough for her to send her child here, then why does she want to be here?"

Dr. Herman Walston, interim dean of the College of Professional Studies, asked Sias to tell the cabinet and deans during their forum with her what she told the students when asked the question about her daughter attending KSU.

Sias cited the problems and issues KSU currently has, but added that two years from now she might have given a different answer. She believes KSU needs to have a stronger liberal arts program with more math and science classes available.

"I want (my daughter) to have a strong liberal arts education," she said. "For one, she is interested in fashion design and she needs to make her own choice and for her this wouldn't be the right school."

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