Pay ensures city candidates run for right reasons, veteran member says

By PAUL LEIGHTTY State Journal Staff Writer Published:

With 4 p.m. Tuesday as the deadline to file as a candidate in local and General Assembly elections, the time is nigh for throwing in one's chips as a local politician.

Positions up for election in and around Franklin County are the Frankfort mayor's office, the four spots on the City Commission, Districts 56 and 57 of the state House of Representatives and the 7th District state Senate seat.

The salaries wouldn't make you wealthy, but public service as a Frankfort city commissioner wouldn't eat up your time or wear you out too much either, according to one veteran member of the city's legislative board.

Holding office as mayor, however, could be a little more time-consuming, according to Mayor Bill May. The job involves frequently attending meetings, taking phone calls from constituents at all hours, offering leadership to the City Commission and keeping the city's welfare on his mind at all times.

"Most people look to the mayor as the spokesman for the city, the leader of the community, and someone to look to in times of crisis to calm the community," May said.

As for the salary - $16,579.21 a year - May said, "for me, I'm satisfied, because for me, I'm not looking at the mayor's salary as a main source of income. I consider it's a matter of being able to serve the community."

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