Salvation Army not banking on manna from McDonald's

By AMY WHITFIELD State Journal Staff Writer Published:

New and improved Salvation Army community centers will be popping up across the country thanks to a $1.5 billion donation from the late McDonald's heiress, Joan Kroc, but unfortunately, not in Frankfort, at least not any time soon.

Salvation Army Capt. Ed Binnix said it is likely the local organization, which serves Franklin and Anderson Counties, will receive some of Kroc's bequest, but it could take several years.

"That's going to take some time to trickle down," Binnix said Friday. "There are a lot of legalities and strings attached and it will take several months to several years for that to be dispersed."

Although the local Salvation Army could definitely use a chunk of the change, it will have to continue seeking local community contributions for the future social services facility. The Army started what was intended to be a one-year capital campaign in 2001 to raise money for a new facility, but the goal was not met and as a result the campaign has been drawn out for three years and it's still going.

According to Binnix, the Army still needs $180,000 to reach its goal of approximately $1.1 million for a new facility, time is running out.

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