School takes reading to heart

By MOLLY WILLIAMSON State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Elkhorn Elementary teachers want to introduce students to their first love this February - reading.

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, Elkhorn Elementary will celebrate I Love To Read Month all of February and invite guest readers into the classrooms, said Norma Allen, librarian.

"This is my 14th year as a librarian and I am always looking for something to re-energize not only the kids, but the staff," Allen said. "When I worked in Bourbon County, they did this, so I just continued it when I came here."

This year, Allen wants to partner guest readers with classes which are learning about the readers' professions. For example, Mayor Bill May will read to a third-grade class because third-graders are learning about community leaders.

"We want them to talk about the power of reading and how important it is," Allen said. "We're familiar to (students), we are almost like their mom and dad. And we are teachers, so of course we are going to say reading is important. But it is different coming from someone else. It is good community relations because the schools do not exist in isolation and it is good to have that community connection."

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