City considers bringing back glass recycling

By GAYLE COULTER State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Recyclers might want to hold onto that glass they've been reluctant to throw away for just a little bit longer.

City officials are looking into options available to reinstate the city's glass recycling program.

Public Works Director Jeff Hackbart told city commissioners Monday the Bluegrass Regional Recycling Center in Richmond would take glass from Frankfort at a cost of $21 per ton plus the cost of transporting the recycled glass to Richmond.

Hackbart said the city had recycled an average of 61 tons of glass each year when the recycling program was in place.

The Bluegrass Regional Recycling Center would also allow green, clear and amber glass to be recycled without requiring that it be sorted or put in separate containers, Hackbart said.

Lexington is also building a new recycling center that will take glass, Hackbart said, but the center is currently still under construction.

"There's no revenue involved in recycling glass?" Commissioner Andrew Layson asked.

Hackbart explained that recycling centers do not pay for the glass they recycle.

"It's a feel-good thing, I guess," Commissioner Bob Roach said.

Hackbart said the city could either contract with a sanitation company to transport the glass to Richmond or consider having city dump trucks deliver it.

Commissioner Tracey Turner Thurman asked Hackbart to prepare a cost-benefit analysis of the various options for commissioners to review.

Commissioners also heard Downtown Frankfort Inc.'s executive director Sheila White and board president Jamie Wigglesworth report on progress being made to revitalize the downtown area.

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