Property transfers


The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by HMC Associates, Frankfort. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, none.

June 27, Carolyn S. Lynch to Robert L. Lynch, 500 Sampson, 205 E. Todd, none.

July 5, Ruth G. Tipton to Michael Dudgeon, 828 Hillwood, $127,500.

June 26, Brester Homes of Kentucky LLC to John W. and Mary H. Henry, 201 Palmer Drive, $170,043.

June 28, Margaret and Rodney R. Ratliff trust to BFI Waste Systems of North America Inc., Ky. 151, $385,000.

June 29, Hillview Development Co. LLC to Allison M. Mattingly, 225 Pulliam, $90,000.

July 5, Carolyn L. Clark to Shaun A. and Ashley N. King, 228 Lyons Drive, $123,000.

July 5, Geraldine Weaver to Thomas C. and Terri L. Shramm, 208 Pendleton Lane, $24,500.

June 30, Kentucky Custom Builders Inc. to Hockensmith Custom Homes Inc., 212 Creekview Drive, $53,000.

July 7, Linda F. McDonald to Charles A. Jacobs, 118 Wood Duck Drive, $140,000.

July 7, Charles A. and Stacy G. Jacobs to Linda McDonald, 101 Heritage, $369,500.

June 26, Ricky James to Elizabeth V. James, 268 Missouri Ave., none.

July 6, Keith and Terry Bolger to Robert S. Sizemore et al., 1205 Dale Ave., $144,900.

May 31, Clyde R. and Wanda W. Carter to Dan and Kristina Allen, 112 Calhoun, $185,000.

June 29, Beazer Homes Investments LLC to Margie E. Clark et al., 106 Greenway, $135,000.

June 30, Kenneth and Deborah J. Watson et al., James M. and Bobbi Mitchell, 92 Vicky Way, $85,000.

June 29, Houston Properties LLC to Jennifer M. Taimi, 112 Wellington Place Condos, $136,500.

July 5, JBR Investments LLC to Brester Homes of Kentucky LLC, 129 Palmer, 217 Hogan, $29,500 each.

July 6, Kentucky Custom Builders Inc. to Hockensmith Custom Homes Inc., 120 N. Danbrook, $52,000.

June 30, Olivia R. Strickland to Elizabeth E. Crace, 121 Elm Drive, $95,000.

May 8, Master Comm/Douglas to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 515 Winston Way, $141,129.

July 5, Dennis P. Junot estate to Thomas and Green Properties LLC, 213 Murrell, $46,500.

June 27, Regents Properties LLC to Joue and Lillian Manglicmot, 226 Cherry Lane, $91,500.

June 21, Mildred Rutherford to Michael and Heather Sunseri, 604 Briar Cliff, $63,000.

June 28, Kevin D. and Sara Perdue to Mary P. and Mation Jarnagin, Leestown Road, none.

July 7, Highpoint Construction Inc. to Hockensmith Custom Homes Inc., 104 N. Danbrook, $53,000.

July 6, Ona J. Kendall et al. to Mary Hornbeck, 1178 Devils Hollow, $115,000.

June 29, McDowell Harrod Construction LLC to Dixie A. and Michael J. Yunt, 114 Hollow Creek, $123,085.

May 8, Master Comm/Dollar to Centex Home Equity Co., 760 Hillcrest, $30,100.

June 12, Lakeland Properties LTD to Jerry D. Irvin, 1046 E. Main, $122,000.

July 11, Jessie B. McDonald estate to Jeanne K. Costigan, 242 Duntreath, $350,000.

May 22, Master Comm/Doss to HSBC Bank, 104 Spruce, $92,644.

July 7, Earl and Mary Buniff Jr. to Benjamin M. Briggs et al., 717 Moss Lane, $75,000.

July 10, Wayne Tracy to Jennifer and Robert Hutcherson, 501 McCreary Ave., $77,500.

July 11, George E. and Anne W. Mays to David C. and Jennifer Miller, 261 Lyons Drive, $60,000.

June 30, Allen and Betty Burriss to Patrick and Angela Burris, 1100 Taylor Branch Road, $94,000.

June 15, Nancy Yates estate to Tiffany D. Bunch, 1274 Union Ridge, none.

June 26, E.M. Carmichael to Jesse J. Wilder, 416 Murray, $109,000.

July 7, Travis W. and Ashley Powell to Diane M. Wright, 101 Farmers Lane, $101,000.

July 12, Rick D. and Stephanie R. Berry to Fernando and Jenny Fernandez, 146 Wallace, $77,500.

July 6, Karen A. Redmon to Ricky Wentworth, Sprigg Street, $125,000.

July 6, Castil and Sharon Williams Jr. to Roy Stivers et al., 153 Travis Road, $78,500.

Oct. 13, 2004, Sammie J. Hankins to Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County, Rolling Acres, none.

March 3, 2006, Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County to Meyer Schneider LLC, Rolling Acres, $30,000.

July 12, Brester Homes of Kentucky LLC to Margo R. Charles, 217 Palmer, $171,249.

July 7, George and Laura Lang to Steve D. Clatos, 205 South Benson Road, $107,000.

June 12, Master Comm/Dennison to David and Donna Warner, 6 High Pine Court, $60,351.

July 6, William R. Bailey et al. to Corporate Relocation Services Inc., 327 Morehead, $226,500.

July 14, Alexandra and Eddie Hockensmith to Tammy J. Carrier, 309 Sandstone, $115,000.

July 13, Mark and Glenna Hughes to Anthony B. and Susan G. Smith, 229 Twin Pines Lane, $60,000.

July 14, Patricia R. Fannin to R.T. and Eleanor C. Penn et al., Pleasant Hill Drive, $27,000.

July 13, Ronald A. and Gloria J. Moore to Robert A. Eads, 155 Skyview, $110,000.

July 13, Glenn T. and Amy J. Barron to Mark J. and Mary J. Mercer, 178-184 Landings Drive, $156,000.

July 13, Jessica A. and Dustin Abbott to George D. and Marjorie M. Shera, 1012 Maverick Trail, $93,000.

July 11, Matthew C. and Angela M. Brown to Edith and Charles Brown, 105 Palmer Drive, $145,000.

July 14, Brester Homes of Kentucky LLC to Diane M. Scott, 153 Palmer, $145,000.

July 14, Melony Alison to Carrie and Rodney G. Raby, 178 Greentree, $60,000.

July 12, Gerald and Carol Toomey to Jordan P. and Christiana M. Keyes, 316 Village Drive, $157,000.

July 13, Charles Baglan to Jennifer L. Hurst, 306 Birch Drive, $98,000.

July 14, Don J. and Holly B. Derolf to Alexandra and Edward Hockensmith, 1265 Meadow Lane, $205,000.

July 14, Will and Lee A. Graham to MO Properties LLC, Ridgeview Drive, $35,000.

July 14, Thomas K. and Susan L. Payton to John J. Culp, 1098 Johnson Road, $112,000.

July 10, Halcyone F. Holt to Anne A. Brady, 944 Belvoir, $127,200.

Jan. 31, Master Comm/Peak to HUD, 108 Harvest Moon Court, $98,687.

July 6, Robert and Cynthia A. McDonald to Alison Parker et al., 221 Sullivan Lane, $106,500.

July 17, William D. and Carol Moynahan to Joseph R. Johnson Trustee et al., 209 Stonehedge, $365,000.

March 27, Master Comm/Weaver to ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc., 112 Livingston Lane, $140,641.

July 13, Reuben Walker to Richard B. and Angela Roberts, 116 Swigert, $71,900.

July 17, Mark and Jeri Tackett to Billy Kelly et al., 39 Reilly Road, $120,000.

April 26, PHH Mortgae Services to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1624 McDonald Ferry Road, none.

June 23, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael C. and Jennifer M. Shaw, 1624 McDonald Ferry Road, $69,900.

June 15, Express Properties LLC to Homer and Melissa Stamper, 114 Brookfield, $99,900.

June 16, Federal National Mortgage Association to Pierre Green, 720 Kentucky Ave., $37,500.

July 18, David Conway to Jodie Bryant, 104 Hollow Creek, $115,000.

July 19, Randolph M. and Diane Luttrell to Mellison Cox, 717 Polsgrove, $66,000.

May 8, Master Comm/Tracy to Union Planters Inc., 311 Alexander Drive, $98,277.

July 19, Betty L. Redding to Joel and Rhodonna Redding, Bridgeport-Benson Road, $16,340.

July 19, Betty L. Redding to Bobby R. Redding, Bridgeport-Benson Road, $6,740.

July 19, Betty L. Redding to Kerry and Ramona Redding, Bridgeport-Benson Road, $10,200.

July 20, Tarrant Service Agency Inc. to Earthaven LLC, Hickory Ridge Road, $45,500.

July 20, Highpoint Construction Inc. to Stephen and Julie D. Dawson, 105 N. Danbrook Way, $57,000.

July 19, Edwin L. and Clara B. Moore to Tom Roberts Jr., 367 Wallace Ave., $40,125.

July 14, Spectrum Contracting Inc. to Neville and Marjorie Downey, 293 Michael Blvd., $165,000.

June 20, Robert L. Kelley estate to Dudley and Kathey A. Parr, 239 Fairway, $145,520.

July 20, John and Tina Roberson to Melissa R. and Stephen J. Hunt, 131 Meadowbrook, $115,000.

July 21, James D. and Vaylynn M. Hall to David and Ashley Paige, 966 Wilkinson Blvd., none.

July 24, Versailles Properties Inc. to Meyer Schneider LLC, South Creek, $29,000.

July 21, James W. Rogers to Marshall D. Raymond, 216 Crown Point, $82,000.

July 20, Joella S. Rhodes estate to Randolph M. and Diane D. Luttrell, 706 Colonial Trace, $108,000.

July 24, McDowell Harrod Construction LLC to Hazel Carr, 100 Azalea, $210,000.

July 24, Bridgeot M. Hammond to Gerald R. and Jane S. Bailey, 846 Columbia Ave., $50,000.

July 24, Lanny E. and Susan S. Goins to Joseph Van Zee et al., 113 Creekstone, $91,000.

July 18, Michelle R. Brummer to Bradley D. and Denetta J. Hamblin Jr., 6 Richardson Court, $171,500.

July 25, William S. Noonan to Mark A. and Jeri L. Tackett, 102 Commonwealth Blvd., $60,000.

July 24, Jerel W. and Rena Warner to Lissa Caldwell, 600 Alfa Drive, $119,000.

July 24, Larry and Kimberly R. Robertson to Madhusudana Chilukuri et al., 108 Purebred Court, $111,000.

July 24, Geraldine Weaver to Casey W. and Philip C. Greer, Pendleton Lane, $196,000.

July 25, Rodney R. and Lois A. Ratliff to James and Elly Hixon, U.S. 127 south, none.

June 2, Nathan and Stacy Lee to Linda Everhart, 840 Isaac Shelby Circle, $193,000.

May 30, Master Comm/Feeback to National City Bank of Kentucky, 40 Campbell Ave., $36,667.

June 25, Dorothy Curlin et al. to Robert F. Schmitt Jr. et al., 312 Stonehedge, $325,000.

Sept. 29, 2004, Holly L. Hogg to Ed Hogg, 121 Lincoln, none.

July 24, Carolyn Keltner to Jerel W. and Rena T. Warner, 1043 Man O War Drive, $205,000.

July 26, William A. and Anna M. Houchin to Norman E. and Myrtle P. McCoy, 142 Sioux Trail, $142,500.

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